7 DIY Kitchen Renovations

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We all fantasize about our dream kitchen; brilliant countertops, crisp new appliances, and gorgeous cupboards, a kitchen built for royalty. Unfortunately, a brand-new kitchen can be a costly one as kitchen renovations are one of the most popular home improvement projects for any homeowner. However, there are still ways to create a beautiful space that is comfortable, functional, and significantly less expensive than a full-blown remodel. For the go-getter looking to complete a DIY kitchen remodel on a budget, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we want to provide you 7 DIY Kitchen renovation tips to remodel a kitchen yourself and projects for certain aspects of a kitchen that could yield fantastic aesthetic and functional results. Let’s begin.

1. Cabinets

In the DIY kitchen makeover process, upgrading your kitchen cabinets can be one of the more intimidating tasks to tackle through the entire endeavour. The cabinets make up a large portion of the kitchen and are an integral part in creating a well functioning space. When done correctly, they can change the entire feel and look of the room.

One of the easiest ways to change the aesthetic of the cabinets is to apply a new layer of paint. A fresh paint job can make them look new, and allow you to show your personality within the kitchen. You can make it simple and go with a bright white paint or go bold with something unique that fits your style. Choose your colour, remove the hardware, take off the doors, and get painting.

Speaking of hardware, another great DIY kitchen cabinets remodel tip is to replace the ones found on the cabinet doors. It’s a simple change but can really give the cabinets a functional and visual upgrade, and give the room a more dynamic feel.

2. Countertops

The second item in our 7 DIY Kitchen renovation article is kitchen countertops. Countertops see their fair share of use, and eventually have to be restored or replaced at one point or another. While the rehabilitation or installation of a new countertop can be expensive, there are several alternatives to the conventional slab of marble that will save you money and will look great:

  1. Laminate – For those looking for something more on the farther side of low-cost, laminate is a great option. It looks great, can handle a lot of wear-and-tear, and can be resurfaced with very little effort.
  1. Concrete – this has become a very popular option for DIY kitchen renovation aficionados. Homeowners can pour their own concrete and shape the countertop to their liking. It’s reasonably priced; looks fantastic, and can handle just about any kitchen appliance you throw at it.
  1. Wood – well-sanded and varnished wood blocking countertops are slightly less popular but can be easily done for a DIY kitchen renovation. You just need to find the right piece and cut it to fit. One of the major benefits is the ability to apply a new varnish or stain instead of replacement. 

Consider using a combination of surfaces to give layers and character to the kitchen, it could give it some character and allow you to get creative. 

7 diy kitchen renovations

3. A Kitchen Island

A kitchen island can be a great addition to the room and improve the functionality of the kitchen tremendously if the space permits it. Islands can create more space for storage, provide extra countertop, and even spruce up the aesthetic. The term island might bring to mind more extravagant kitchen designs to mind but for a DIY kitchen renovation, a simplistic approach can provide the same benefits.

You can make a beautiful piece using refurbished cabinetry, large side tables, or even an IKEA dresser as your base. Remove some drawers, apply new paint, and add a custom countertop and you have a fantastic new kitchen focal point. Some homeowners even apply wheels to their island for mobility purposes. Re-use stores and garage sales are a gold mine for supplies that you can use for your custom kitchen island, so keep an eye out and get inspired. Habitat for Humanity has a great ReStore in Woodstock where you can get some good deals on items from time to time.

4. Flooring

The kitchen flooring is an often-undervalued aspect of the room compared to the countertops and cabinets, but the right choice in material can really accent the room nicely and give dimension to the kitchen.

When it comes to a DIY kitchen makeover, you will save a fortune on the flooring as long as you are installing it yourself. You want a material that is both durable and easy to manage. Here are 3 great inexpensive options for kitchen floor material:

Laminate – much like the benefits it provides as material for countertops, laminate is easy to install for DIYers, inexpensive, easy to clean, and can be made to look like a variety of other material.

Vinyl – this material is available in planks, tiles, or sheets and is known for it’s seamless installation. The material is quite durable considering the inexpensive price but tends to be scratched up easily.

Ceramic – while this is slightly more expensive than the previous options due to the additional material costs that come with it (grout and adhesives), ceramic tile flooring is a classic style that looks great and is built to last. This is where the DIY kitchen flooring renovation pays off, as ceramic tile costs a pretty penny to get professionally installed.

7 diy kitchen renovations

5. Backsplash

One of the easiest ways you can upgrade the look of your kitchen yourself is to change the backsplash. It can truly enhance the flow of the room and make it easier to clean the walls susceptible to messiness.

Consider using a material that we mentioned in the flooring section above, and simply cut and apply to anywhere above the countertop that seems appropriate. Stick-on vinyl, peel and stick tile, laminate, and even faux brick would work great as a backsplash. The installation is incredibly easy and will be a great addition to your DIY kitchen renovation makeover. 

6. Sink and Faucet

A shiny sink and faucet are staple kitchen pieces. You want to prioritize the functional aspect when deciding on a piece, but don’t overlook the effect you can make on the continuity of the overall space. Consider matching the metal of the faucet and sink with other hardware in the kitchen. That synchronicity will create a very cohesive space and will help the kitchen pop.

While there aren’t too many components of the physical sink and faucet you can make yourself, the DIY aspect can be accomplished through the installation and plumbing. This process is quite simple and there are many explanation tutorials/videos at your disposal, but here is a brief description:

  • Shut off the water
  • Take out the old faucet
  • Connect the new faucet sprayer to the water lines
  • Feed the water lines through the hole of the sink and tighten the faucet to the basin
  • Tighten all the connectors and adaptors

7. Lighting

Don’t leave your newly renovated kitchen hiding in the shadows. Brighten it up with lights that highlight the renovations and changes you worked so hard to create. From a DIY perspective, look to install lights that eliminates the need to hire an electrician to do the wiring. LED is the way to go. Consider putting them in places that accentuates the paint and provides light to the countertops where food is prepared, such as on the underside of the cabinets. New light fixtures can also give the kitchen the face-lift it needs as well as add a personal touch.

Kitchen renovations can be much less stressful and possibly even fun if you want it to be. Use it as a time to soak your creative roots and spend a fraction of the cost doing it as you would with professional assistance. There is no better time to attain new skills and make your home exactly as you want it to be. For more information on tips for around the home, check out our article, Getting a House ready to sell.

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