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For anyone who has never been a part of the home selling process, at first glance it might look quite simple. Throw a “For Sale” sign on the lawn, sit back, and let the offers start pouring in. When getting a house ready to sell, there are a number of items that need to be addressed. Those who have gone through the process know otherwise. In order to sell your home quickly and at the best possible price, you need to know how to get your house ready to sell. It takes a fair amount of planning and a bit of elbow grease, but the result is usually well worth it.

If you’re thinking about selling your home as yourself, check out our article, for sale by owner.

In this article, we will be providing you with 10 tips that you can do at home to get your house ready to sell

1. Create a Schedule

Organization is a valuable asset for anyone in the home selling market. Having a concrete and scheduled plan in place for all of the cleaning, repairing, and moving that you will be doing will be a tremendous help. It might be helpful to make a checklist of all the necessary tasks. 

Consider purchasing a giant calendar and copying all of the tasks needing to be done from your getting ready to sell house checklist and putting them onto the calendar. A visual segmentation of the jobs will break the process down into more manageable chunks and give you a deadline for them to be completed. This can help ease some undesired stress that the home selling process has been known to cause and help you avoid procrastination as well.

2. Improve Aesthetic of Exterior

You have probably heard the term “don’t judge a book by its cover” – well in this case, home buyers don’t follow that code of conduct. First impressions are very important and the exterior of your home is the first thing people see. If the “For Sale” sign on your front lawn is more appealing than the house, the odds of selling your home in record time are slim.

Use the superficiality of the buyer to your advantage. Conduct any simplistic landscape duties such as flower planting, lawn mowing, and hedge trimming to give your home the extra boost it needs to sell. Consider other aesthetic upgrades such as power washing the driveway, painting the trim of your home, or anything else that you think will appeal to buyers. If you are unsure as to what exactly needs to be spruced up before the house goes up for sale, check with your real estate agent for a professional opinion.

3. Repaint

A touch up to the interior walls of the house could be great for creating a more welcoming atmosphere for buyers. Keep the colour palette fairly impartial, and make sure it flows well within the house. The neutral colour allows any potential buyer to envision their colour preference on the walls of the house. You want to provide them with a blank canvas so as to get the more bold home buyers subconsciously planning during the walkthrough process.

While you have the paint at your disposal, see if you have to make any touch ups to the exterior as well. Painting the full exterior of your home is rarely needed but once again, check with a professional to see if you should add this to your list of things to do before putting house on the market.

getting a house ready to sell with paint

4. Fix up the Small Things

Now is not the time to go and change every blemish of the house that you deem necessary. Leave the big, time-consuming, and highly costly fixes away from your to-do list, and focus on the little things. Big jobs such as roof upgrading, cabinet replacing, and appliance installation will likely not yield a great return on investment. Instead, look to fix cracks in the floors, leaky faucets, door hinges and handles, cabinets and any other home appliance fault that could be a hindrance to a more profitable offer.

5. Depersonalize

We emphasized the importance of depersonalizing your home in our article How to Sell My House Fast and the sooner you begin this process, the better. Much like a neutral paint colour in the interior of a home, a depersonalized environment acts as a clean canvas to a potential buyer and allows them to imagine what it will look like with their own belongings in the house. Be sure to remove any family photos, documents, or other personal items that make the house look too lived-in.

6. Getting a house ready to sell is to purge

If you have spent a good amount of time in your current house, you more than likely have a hefty collection of items that have been taking up precious space. Now is the time to get rid of all items you do not need to take with you to your next home. Go through all of the closets, storage areas and any other room of the house that was used as a hoarding space and decide what needs to go. Donate any items that others may find useful, and dispose of the rest.

This purging process will make you feel like a massive weight has been lifted off of your shoulders, and will make both the move and the rest of the necessary cleaning that much easier. It also sends a positive message to prospective buyers curious about storage space to see these areas neat and tidy.

If you find you need help with organizing your home, you can always hire a professional. checkout Home and Life Organizers, a local company in Waterloo Region that are professional organizers.

7. Purchase Boxes

Now that all of the non-essentials are out of the house thanks to your recent house purge, it’s time to put away personal items that you plan on taking with you when you move. Consider purchasing reusable storage boxes to help kick-start the packing process and declutter your home. You want to create as much accessible space as possible to showcase the size and flow of your home.

Label the contents of the boxes with tape, and keep them well organized in the storage areas. Like we mentioned above, some prospective buyers might be curious about storage space. If they view the space and see it is neatly organized with your boxed belongings, it signals the level of care that you take of your possessions and of your home. Creating an environment to evoke a certain positive emotional response in the buyer will greatly help your chances at a fast sale.

getting a house ready to sell with moving boxes

8. Make it Spotless

One of the more obvious and important tips on getting a house ready to sell is to keep the house spotless. Nothing is more off-putting to a buyer than a dirty and musty home. In contrast to the positive emotion organization evokes in a buyer, a dirty house will do the opposite, so keep it as clean as possible.

Dust appliances, vacuum the carpet and rugs, polish bathroom and kitchen fixtures, and keep windows smudge free. When it gets time to prep your house for a showing, you want your home to be as spotless as possible for any request that could come at a moment’s notice. For those with pets, this might be an impossible feat but just do your best.

9. Get Good Quality Photos

Like a lot of things nowadays, the home buying/selling process is done primarily online. Prospective buyers do a lot of window-shopping through Realtor and real estate websites. This puts much more importance on the quality of photos you use to advertise your home. We recommend getting a professional to complete a portfolio of pictures of your house. A professional photographer will know how to highlight the important aspects of your home, and optimize the space you’ve created through your purging and organization efforts. What’s the point of doing all that work if you can’t show it off properly in the photos?

10. Hire Professionals

There are people and services out there that dedicate their time to accomplishing many of the goals we have set out for you to do in this very article. If you have the means to do so and are looking for a less labour intensive route, look to hire someone to get your house ready to sell. Professional cleaners, photographers, stagers, contractors, and handymen are all at your disposal to make this process as easy and painless as possible.

While these professional services mentioned above will not make or break the sale of your house, a right real estate agent and agency might be. A good agent will be able to provide you with some precious information on how to get your house ready to sell and how much to spend preparing your house for sale. At Lass Real Estate, we provide our clients with all the tools they need in order to achieve their listing and house selling goals. Contact us through the link above for any inquiries and check out our blog for more real estate related content.    

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